2007-08 Websites – Volume 3

Okay…true to my word, I am getting some more websites up for you much sooner than previously. These are all good – a good variety, too! I hope you will find something you can use!
2007-08 Websites – Volume 3

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More Websites for Classroom Use

I know it has been a long, long time since I have posted here. As you know, there were quite a few projects going on this fall. Hopefully, we are more into the basic routine for the remainder of the year with no new “biggies” coming our way. These are some websites I have been collecting for some time now. Just had a few minutes today to sit down to post them. I hope you will find them useful. Pay extra attention to those sites I mention as good eBeam or SmartBoard activities. As soon as I get them posted, I will start the next collection. Hopefully, I will get them posted much sooner than these were in coming! As always, let me know if you have some “special requests” for topics!
Websites for Classroom Use

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Great article

I received this link to this article today. I think it is worth the read for all teachers! I hope you will find a minute to check it out!

Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Teachers Can Never Really Understand Our JobĀ 

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Welcome Back!!

Long time – no blog! I have been very busy at the beginning of this school year trying to get some of the new people trained – yeah! We now have more help which should give me more time to work with students and teachers! As always, I want to get in your classrooms and work with your students using technology. Email me or write me a note to get something set up for your students!

Here is my first list of websites for the 07-08 school year! There are some really good resources that I hope you have time to look at and find something you can use! Hopefully, I will now have more time to gather and share these resources.

As always, let me know how I can be of assistance to you!

First Websites for 07-08

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Final Websites of the Year!

Well, it is finally here! The end of the year! In celebration of the end of the year, I have gathered a host of websites for you to use, save, or pass on to the students. There are several that address those pesky skills that can only be mastered through “drill and practice”. Be sure to get these to your students before the last day of school, so they will have them to use over the summer!

I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you this year and look forward to another great year next year! Enjoy your summer and get lots of deserved rest and relaxation. If I don’t see you at some of the summer classes, I will see you in August!

Week 38 & 39 Websites

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My Evaluation Project

As some of you know, I had to be evaluated this year for my recertification. I chose to do a Podcasting project at Farmington Elementary. I thought that a good “wrap up” to my project would be to create a podcast about it! I think that overall the project was a huge success! For those of you thinking about using podcasting in the classroom, this is a little snippet into what can be done!

Download:Posted by E=2>phaney at TeacherTube.com.

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End of Year Information – 2007

Well, it is that time again! The year seems to have flown by! There are some important procedures you need to know for the end of the year. Pay close attention to the first section that talks about teacher laptops! As always, if you have questions, let me know!

EOY Information – 2007

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Week 36-37 Websites

Here are some good resources for you to use at the end of the year or file away for next year!

Week 36-37 Websites

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Week 34-35 Websites

Five full pages of great resources for you to use with your class including a whole unit on Egypt! Lots of interactive sites to use with your class – right away!

Week 34-35 Websites

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Interesting Blogging Article

I received this article through my email from the Technology & Learning journal. It is a very interesting article that talks about the why regarding blogging in education. It is a very good article to read if you are interested at all in blogging!

Blogging Article

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